What Does FORZA and SAP Business One Mean To Me, A Dealer?

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Let’s rewind a bit…

It’s January 1st, you finished 2017 strong and are headed into the new year with a ton of momentum. You feel like your entire organization is firing on full cylinders, your sales team is clicking, and everything is great, right?


You receive word from the financial department stating that they are trying to close the books… not last quarter but the quarter before that (YIKES!). You find out it takes weeks, almost a full month just to close them! Then you hear some chatter from the mecca of all data circles about this whole General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) movement and your initial thought is, “Oh great, another acronym for this industry to learn…”

Fast-forward to today and it’s late-August with GDRP implemented almost three months ago. Turns out this whole data integrity thing is actually kind of a huge deal and all organizations are starting to be held accountable for financial compliance, best practices and proper regulations.

On top of that, you want to grow the business by expanding your offerings – MPS, MNS, and more; however, now there’s the challenge of being able to handle all of that with your current platform that’s not so current in actuality.

Oh, and to put the cherry on top, there’s this other factor weighing heavily on business technology – the cloud or not the cloud? Traditionally, ERP systems have been implemented with an on-premise delivery but the recent advancements, convenience and TCO for software as a service has organizations of all sizes quickly transitioning to the cloud.

It makes great sense for those SMBs looking to focus on their core business while lessening the burden of servers, IT staff and other costs associated with on-premise solutions. But, what if you d
on’t want the cloud? Or even worse, you move one platform to the cloud, but the rest aren’t cloud compatible? If not all of your platforms are cloud compatible, then are you truly in the cloud?

A LOT of questions have been posed – as they should be – for discovering how to pave the road of the future ecosystem that is the imaging channel. With many questions, there’s only one answer…

SAP Business One

With over 60,000 customers and over 900,000 users globally, SAP Business One is the most installed ERP for SMBs looking to grow.

From a high-level, SAP is the 3rd largest software company in the world that designed SAP Business One to bring an enterprise-powered solution down to the SMB marketplace. It’s a fully integrated ERP capable of capturing all business information within a scalable platform that encompasses all business functions.

From a modular-level, users can manage their day-to-day easily with the modules that are out-of-the-box SAP Business One including:

  • Financials – handle basic cost accounting, budget management, banking and reconciliation along with establishing cost centers and a customizable chart of accounts that are GAAP certified and SOX compliant. Also, enable your accounting department to close the books whenever, in real-time.
  • Sales/CRM – from marketing campaigns, opportunities and sales activities to customer contacts and service, sales reps can take advantage of a full lead-to-cash workflow for an optimized customer lifecycle.
  • Reporting & Analytics – built-in Crystal Reports allows users to generate reports on any data that is within the system. Reports are user-friendly and can be created by the users themselves. Workflow-based alerts are also included with the ability to create new ones through query functionality.
  • Purchasing & Procurement – manage procurement, item and vendor master data, warehouse and production within an automated system. When it comes to handling returns and special charges or determining the right supplier for the right price, the item and vendor master data centralizes information in one place, making purchasing practices painless while regulating costs simultaneously.
  • Service & Dispatch – leverage real-time call management from dispatch to technicians out in the field. Monitor inventory levels and product information through equipment cards that house all data pertinent to each customer’s equipment.
  • Warehouse & Product Admin – enhance inventory and production processes from warehouse data, stock locations, track and record stock movements to finalizing production orders. A comprehensive material requirements planning functionality provides a multilevel structured process depicting real-time production and supply chain.



With nearly 30 years of experience in this industry, MWA has taken the SAP Business One platform and tailored it for the imaging channel and its vertical market.

From detailed contract and meter management to enhanced service and dispatch capabilities, including a FORZA Mobile Tech application, for office equipment dealers to run more efficiently and effectively.

Cloud vs. On-Premise

An ERP is the lifeline for any organization. As the hub for all things data related, it’s a critical and necessary investment. Being such, it should ultimately be up to the dealer to pursue either avenue of delivery – cloud or on-premise.

FORZA and SAP Business One is fully functional in either environment, so the choice is in the hands of the dealer whether they wish to be in a true cloud model or hosting it themselves without having to make sacrifices!

General Data Protection Regulation

SAP was one of the first companies to receive global certification for data protection and privacy as it pertains to strict requirements companies need to consider when collecting, storing, processing, retaining or disposing of personal records related to.

FORZA and SAP Business One ROI

Besides reaping in the benefits from one single solution, dealers who run on FORZA and SAP Business One instantaneously increase their overall value. How? The major OEMs in this industry run on two ERP systems – Oracle and SAP. Both of these are obviously enterprise platforms; however, SAP Business One has the ability to roll up into the enterprise solutions which makes dealers more attractive and suitable for larger organizations who are in acquisition mode.

Interested in an SAP Business One test drive? Click here to get started!

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