Welcome To The FORZA Support Spotlight – Meet The Team

by Jon Souders 0 Comments

MWA Intelligence, Inc. (MWA) is a master value-added reseller (MVAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for SAP Business One and leader in enterprise resource planning software (ERP). Our primary goal is to provide the imaging channel with FORZA, the most prolific management software product in the marketplace, that withstands modern business challenges and delivers proven results to lead dealerships well into the future of digital transformation. But we are so much more than just another business software company and it’s a true testament to our community in the MWA FORZA family. Our success is a result of providing a friendly atmosphere that encourages imagination, initiation, and innovation. What better way to find out first hand than from MWA’s very own FORZA team dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and supporting the needs of our wonderful clients!

The next FORZA member in line to be spotlighted from the support team is Lee Hampton. Lee was originally born and raised in Idaho, named The Gem State after the region’s abundance of natural resources and scenic areas such as snow-capped mountain ranges, rapids, numerous lakes and lofty canyons. But most of you may have the same train of thought as I and immediately link the state to its well-liked cash crop, potatoes.

Of course, being from Idaho, Lee has a special connection that we can all appreciate especially when it involves one of the most popular American fast casual restaurant chains in the country – Five Guys. During Lee’s childhood, he grew up working on his family’s farm that cultivated russet potatoes which are suitable for all the different variations of potato cooking forms most people favor like the baking, mashing and especially frying which is what Five Guys uses for their french fries!

Lee started his higher education at Brigham Young University in Idaho where he studied computer programming before moving on to the University of Phoenix where he graduated from with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. Lee became an official resident of Arizona in 1989 and is happy to call this place home for him, his wife, and his three children.

One of the things Lee enjoys in his spare time is taking in the scenic outdoors, something that he was very accustomed to going back to his early days in Idaho. Unlike many of the other spotlights that came preceded this edition, Lee prefers a little bit of a faster pace to his nature observance than just simply hiking. You can find him tearing through the forests of Northern Arizona in his Can-Am Side-by-Side which sounds extremely exhilarating. When he’s not trailblazing through the woods, Lee enjoys time spent on the water with his family or roughing it outside at a campsite; however, one of his favorite leisure activities is taking in a Diamondbacks ball game and has been a season ticketholder for nearly 20 years!

Lee is one of the newer additions to MWA since joining at the beginning of the year. By quickly transitioning from the Support Senior Manager to the current VP of Client Services, Lee heads the stout support department and ensures the smooth handling of all FORZA clients and their needs to help them succeed. Lee would like to note that he really enjoys the friendly work culture at MWA and looks forward to the bigger and better things ahead for us all.