The ECS: Where Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

by Jon Souders 0 Comments

In an industry that has been evolving more rapidly than ever before, it becomes necessary for organizations to modernize and adapt to the fast-paced dynamics of the business demands they face. Businesses must be agile to handle the rigorous sharp turns that a progressive marketplace dictates. Instead of fearing the competition, take it head on into the age of digitization. Leave obsolete and decrepit technology in the dust with newly developed technological functionalities that drive businesses faster, smarter, and farther than ever imagined.

One of the most difficult obstacles any industry faces is the issue with contentment. Things that have worked thirty years ago were perfect for, well, thirty years ago. Just think of modern business processes and technologies as if they were a car from a few decades ago. It was obviously a well-oiled machine in its prime but what about now? Sure it can still run and might possibly be able to satisfy needs in the short-term, but can it perform efficiently and effectively for a long road trip?

Or, perhaps it’s likely labeled as something that helps “get by” until it’s broken down on the side of the highway and salvaged at some junkyard for parts. If business processes and technologies in the modern era hold organizations in the “get by” phase, then they will eventually be the ones stuck on the side of the road as competition passes by on that long road trip known as the business life cycle.

Innovators are drivers who are inspired to reach the furthest distances possible and are not bound to cruise-control methods. They don’t get caught on the side of the road because their engines are never in idle. Instead, they carve out the road for others to follow; therefore, innovators are leaders.

Organizations classified as industry leaders do not become what they are by taking their feet off the gas, but rather seek out ways to become better at being the best. As opposed to settling for the top, leaders strive for improvements that lead to winning because that’s what leaders do, they win.

Winners are defined as those who are successful through ability and hard work. A winner can be a single individual (customer) or an entity (vendor and/or dealer) who combats complacency and strives towards excellence; excellence achievable through the ambition to succeed. The imaging channel in itself is a winner, comprising winners who are driven to innovate, inspire, and imagine a better industry for everyone.

The Executive Connection Summit encompasses every ideal aforementioned. Its purpose is intended to serve the channel in the most beneficial way as the industry’s traffic grows and begins to move at a more dynamic pace. Having the access and exposure to the vast array of cutting-edge technologies and progressive developments helps pave the road for others to follow, while allowing no one to be stranded, in order to influence a stronger imaging community for everyone.

As leaders of the industry lineup side-by-side and get the chance to rev their engines, there’s only one question left to be answered. We will be there, will you?