MWA Intelligence, Inc. Proudly Welcomes Saint Vincent College for the Summer

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Scottsdale, AZ – June 24, 2016 – MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWAi), a master value-added reseller (MVAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for SAP Business One and leader in enterprise resource planning software (ERP), welcomes six fresh interns and three new hires from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA.stvincents

Saint Vincent College has a specified SAP Business One Program headed by Professor Robert Markley, who also teaches Management Information Systems (MIS) and Accounting Information Systems (AIS) at the institution. Already having a large interest, and its continual growth, there is two levels to surpass and be accepted into the program. The first level constitutes the applicant to write a memo to Professor Markley and Courtney Baum, Director of the Career Center and Career Consultant, stating the reason(s) why that person should be accepted into the program. Secondly, a formal interview is conducted by Markley for those who made it past the initial application step.

Once the acceptance is offered, students go through approximately a year of studying SAP Business One via the customer portal and exercises through a generic, Citrix database. The students have tests on different curriculum from the information on the portal approximately every two weeks. The students have two workshops to complete during the school year that primarily deals with the entire implementation process for a new company each time.

In late January, the interview process begins for the SAP Business One students and MWAi has participated in this program for the last few years. Last year, two interns from the program had interned at MWAi and they have returned as full-time employees while another who had interned elsewhere is also a full time employee as well. This year MWAi has decided to hire six new interns from the Saint Vincent College SAP Business One Program.

“Most businesses can gain a competitive advantage from the implementation of a good business system,” said Robert Markley, professor at Saint Vincent College and head of the SAP Business One Program. “Saint Vincent College has been part of the SAP University Alliance for 8 years and prepares students for rewarding careers implementing SAP Business One, the market leader for SME ERP. I am very pleased that MWAi has taken 6 interns from the Saint Vincent College SAP Business One program this summer. Both students and MWAi should benefit greatly.”

“Something like this is usually just unheard of,” said Michael T. Stramaglio, President and CEO of MWA Intelligence, Inc. “We have had such great success in participating with the program from a year before that we could not wait to hire this current group of eager minds ready to contribute to the MWAi FORZA team. I am very excited for what this summer has to offer for both the interns and ourselves as employees considering the growth we are currently experiencing. These guys could not have come at a more prominent time for us!”

About St. Vincent College

Saint Vincent Archabbey and College was founded in 1846 by Boniface Wimmer, a monk from the Benedictine Abbey of Metten in Bavaria. With the aid of several American bishops, friends and benefactors in Europe, and a strong community of Benedictine monks at the Saint Vincent monastery, he established the first Benedictine college in the United States. From modest beginnings the college grew rapidly, and on April 18, 1870 the State Legislature of Pennsylvania incorporated the school, empowering it “to grant and confer degrees in the arts and sciences as are granted in other colleges and universities in the United States, and to grant to graduates, or persons on whom such degrees may be conferred, diplomas or certificates as is usual in colleges and universities.”

For additional information, please visit the St. Vincent College website:

About MWA Intelligence, Inc.

MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWAi), an SAP Business One OEM partner, delivers enterprise-class and leading-edge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Machine-to-People (M2P) solutions to better serve the imaging industry. MWAi’s intelligent service, workforce, assets and GPS solution suites deliver mission-critical information in real time to the hands of customer-facing employees and into companies’ back-end ERP systems including the powerful MWAi FORZA with SAP Business One. The MWAi solution automates all of the business intelligence management, meter collection, consumables and service alerts and also offers an integrated pre-sale MPS tool.