MWA Intelligence, Inc. Extends Channel Influence by Welcoming Global Asset, LLC to the SAP Business One FORZA Family

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Scottsdale, AZ — June 20, 2017 — MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWA), a master value-added reseller (MVAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for SAP Business One and leader in enterprise resource planning software (ERP) remains steadfast in its efforts to expand their FORZA and SAP Business One client base by welcoming Global Asset, LLC as the latest addition to join the community.

Co-founded in 2010, Global Asset, LLC has been providing the information technology and services industry with revolutionary solutions spotlighting IT lifecycle management. As a means of maximizing IT value, Global Asset delivers comprehensive methods to manage organizational data flow in an efficient manner. From procurement and deployment/re-deployment to disposal and value recovery, Global Asset services afford companies the ability to stay agile in the dynamic IT lifecycle climate while simultaneously bolstering the support of organizational IT infrastructure.

“As modern business practices in our industry continue to rely heavily on managing organizational data, it is more important than ever before that organizations are equipped to control and operate for full optimization,” said Michael T. Stramaglio, President and CEO of MWA Intelligence, Inc. “The key difference that makes organizations stand out from the crowd is their ability to maximize data management efficiently and effectively. FORZA, built on the SAP Business One platform, is the only streamlined solution in the channel that offers full transparency for optimal organizational management needed for growth and advancement. In doing so, I am pleased to welcome our newest member, Global Asset, to the SAP Business One FORZA family and look forward to improving, growing, and advancing together.”

Based in Carrollton, Texas, Global Asset has been making IT waves throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area with their innovative solutions. Being a certified member of Texas’ Historically Underutilized Business Program, Global Asset has developed a successful customer-centric platform that caters to fulfilling modern demands through a vertically integrated approach along with cutting edge technology. Among IT lifecycle management, their other specialties include: new hardware sales, configuration, imaging, help desk operations, comprehensive data destruction, and IT disposition programs.

“Considering our involvement in staying ahead of the ever-changing IT industry, we understand the importance of having an ERP solution that can keep up with our organization’s needs and demands that are just as dynamic as the industry we reside,” said Britt Siedentopf, Executive Vice President of Services at Global Asset, LLC. “MWA FORZA is the only ERP solution that can give us streamlined functionality and optimal control over all operations under one umbrella. Even more valuable is FORZA’s open architecture which enables the ability for Global Asset to remain in a constant growth-friendly stage for a multitude of future opportunities.”

MWA FORZA with SAP Business One is a complete, integrated ERP that provides transparency and instant visibility into operations. The FORZA solution helps dealerships to better unify, manage, and control their entire business across financials, sales, customers, and operations. Together, MWA Intelligence and SAP will provide office technology and imaging channel businesses the ability to make smart IT decisions, improve future performance, and achieve long-term success.

About Global Asset, LLC

Global Asset was founded in 2009 to create a game-changing solution to address problems facing the education space. The founding partners recognized that schools and school districts were struggling with Life-Cycle IT Asset Management, Deployment, and Disposition of IT infrastructure and technology. Our unique approach frees schools and school districts from this burden and allows them to focus on their core competency, educating our next generation without worrying about failing technology, support, and properly disposing of outdated technology.

Global Asset has a holistic approach to technology and comprehension which results in providing game changing solutions defined in simple, straight-forward packages. Each of these packages are built to meet your unique business needs and deliver the benefits of a more cost-effective, high availability, secure, and compliant solution.

Building on years of experience in working with school districts and local city & state governments, Global Asset has become a leader in understanding the challenges facing these entities. Learning from this experience, Global Asset has taken this successful model and expanded into the small to medium sized business space, allowing customers of all shapes and sizes to leverage our best in class services model.

Global Asset is committed to ensuring security, sustainability, and satisfaction to each customer. While leading edge technology has improved how the modern business operates, the increased development of compromised data is an ongoing risk; therefore, our proactive solutions combat and safeguard valuable business information from threats and affords organizational ease of mind. From the Data Center to the copier/printer, we look at how technology affects you and your business directly and how it affects the earth long after it’s served its useful purpose. By customizing services and solutions to our customer’s unique business needs, Global Asset can offer the ultimate IT experience encompassing lifecycle asset management, security, onsite and remote service and support, VCIO services, backup and disaster recovery, document management, and cost containment strategies.

For additional information, please visit the Global Asset, LLC corporate website:

About MWA Intelligence, Inc.

MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWA), an SAP Business One Gold Partner and one of five OEMs worldwide, provides innovative enterprise-class solutions for dealerships to sustain competitive advantages within the imaging channel. MWA FORZA, built on the SAP Business One platform, is a fully streamlined ERP solution centrally focused on delivering maximum efficiency and effectiveness in a vertical market. Having control over all functionality of every business process enables dealerships to have full transparency unparalleled in the marketplace while simultaneously managing vast amounts of data. Designed with open architecture, organizations are allowed to freely seek out opportunistic growth without being hindered by inadequate solutions. MWA FORZA automates daily routine processes so dealerships can focus on making critical business decisions armed with smarter IT capabilities.

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