MWA Intelligence and SAP Join Forces at Tokyo Innovation Fair

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4 Day Innovation Fair Brings Fresh Approach to OEM’s, Managed Services Providers, and Print Imaging Industries

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — September 23, 2013 — MWA Intelligence (MWAi), a SAP Gold Partner and leader in enterprise-class Machine to Machine (M2M) and Machine to People (M2P) solutions will be hosting the Tokyo Innovation Fair next month. This four-day event takes place in Tokyo October 29th through November 1st and promises to attract attendees from major print imaging vendors as well as IT companies, Value Add Resellers (VAR’s), systems integrators, OEMs, and end-users.

MWAi, along with SAP, and support from our Technology United partners (Intel, Intellinetics, LMI, and 1105 Media) will host open seminar sessions to facilitate best practices solutions within our changing marketplace in preparation for the estimated over 50 billion connected products by the year 2020.

“MWAi is thrilled to host the annual Tokyo Innovation Fair and honored to have SAP as a partner in this fantastic and exciting venue where knowledgeable industry leaders can share ideas and growth strategies.” Said Michael Stramaglio, President and CEO of MWA Intelligence. “We have been part of the imaging industry for decades and we always look forward to working with and partnering with leading innovators in our market. By optimizing our time at this event, and bringing together an array of attendees, we will have a greater understanding of the power and automation our SAP Business One solution – FORZA – and the effect it has on our industry.”

The goal of the Tokyo Innovation Fair is to marry all facets of the print imaging industry together and share business processes and best practices between hardware and software vendors alike.

“I anticipate this event to be one-of-a-kind and I am ready to answer many questions regarding the MWAi FORZA with SAP Business One solution,” said Hiro Ueda, Senior Vice President of Business Development at MWA Intelligence. “Many major manufacturers currently utilize the SAP Enterprise solution and I look forward to discussing how the introduction of the MWAi FORZA with SAP Business One solution will help our domestic dealers as well as their international and Asian counterparts.”

MWA Intelligence is responding to a growing need among Office Technology and Imaging Channel businesses struggling to gain and maintain competitive operating advantages with disparate, non-integrated business management systems. MWAi FORZA with SAP Business One provides a single sign-on, single database for a dealer’s entire business. The powerful platform offers a complete, affordable integrated solution that will allow dealers to have instant visibility into all of their business intelligence, across multiple businesses or locations and completely eliminates the need for multiple, unrelated business systems. Together, MWA Intelligence and SAP will provide Office Technology and Imaging Channel businesses the ability to make smart IT decisions, improve future performance, and achieve long-term success.

MWAi FORZA with SAP Business One is a complete, integrated business management solution that provides transparency and instant visibility into operations. The solution helps dealerships to better unify, manage and control their entire business across financials, sales, customers and operations while eliminating redundant data entries and errors at the same time. The solution not only provides immediate results in operating efficiency and real-time business decisions, but also comes with an affordable price tag. The affordably priced MWAi FORZA with SAP Business One application is designed for those businesses that recognize the importance of leveraging business software as an integral component of their business growth strategy.

About MWA Intelligence, Inc.
MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWAi), a SAP Business One Gold Partner, delivers enterprise-class and leading-edge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Machine-to-People (M2P) solutions to better serve the imaging industry. MWAi’s intelligent service, workforce, assets and GPS solution suites deliver mission-critical information in real time to the hands of customer-facing employees and into companies’ back-end ERP systems including the powerful SAP Business One solution. The MWAi solution automates all of the business intelligence management, meter collection, consumables and service alerts and also offers an integrated pre-sale MPS tool for easy auditing of end-user networks. MWAi literally connects the people who service and sell the assets with the actual machines and ERP systems.