Built on the SAP Business One system engine, MWA FORZA is the only Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution customized to fit the needs for the imaging channel.

As an encompassing business management software, every aspect of your dealer’s business is tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

MWA FORZA provides the imaging channel with the only ERP system that streamlines across the entire organization from financials and accounting to warehouse inventory and meter management and even including in-depth service contract management. Now, dealers do not have to worry about costly third party bolt-ons and antiquated systems that are not centralized. With FORZA, dealers have full transparency on the effects of their business in a multilevel view at real-time. Full visibility entails tracking the profit/loss from machine, contract, and customer along with accurate information across all departments in multi business subsidiaries.

The infrastructure of FORZA was specifically designed with open-architecture. Dealers have the capability to customize functions that knock down barriers and take away limitations for future opportunities. Its intention is to allow company growth while maintaining the central core of your business all at once.


and Financials

From accounting, controlling, and bank reconciliation to sales and purchasing data, MWA FORZA provides a fully integrated and comprehensive financial management ERP for SMEs.

Ever want to have the ability to: manage cash flow, track assets, control budgets, accelerate month-end close and enhance compliance? With FORZA, users are enabled to capture all of the business’s financial information in a scalable solution under one platform with multi-lingual capabilities and tax localizations.

The cost accounting function includes cost centers which represent a particular division or unit of a business and is utilized to consolidate expenses and revenues from that particular department. Multi-dimensional analysis enables numerous views for financial management. As a GAAP Accounting certified application, FORZA has a customizable chart of accounts where you can set the order of up to 10 levels.


Customer Relationship Management

The CRM features allow dealers to have a more transparent perspective to their businesses. From marketing campaigns, opportunities and sales activities, to customer contacts and service; having a streamlined solution with an integrated CRM empowers businesses to become more profitable from a customer lifecycle.

FORZA’s CRM functionality includes The Configurator, the first and only of its kind. This specific component streamlines the sales process with a preset of all serviceable machines and their compatible parts necessary to complete an accurate sales order. Once entered into the system, that order can be reproduced, saving time and money from incorrect sales entries. 


Warehouse &
Product Administration

Built on SAP Business One, the FORZA solution enhances inventory and production processes from warehouse data, stock locations, track and record stock movements to finalizing production orders.

Instant availability checks and track item stock levels enables a business to have “available to promise” functionality by automatically adjusting to stock as orders, committed or inbound purchases. A comprehensive material requirements planning functionality provides a multilevel structured process depicting real-time production and supply chain.

Simplifying the warehouse and production process heightens operational efficiency and productivity.


and procurement

Managing procurement in FORZA entails automating features like: procurement, item and vendor master data, warehouse, production, and accounting integration.

Abridging procurement procedures allows for easier business practices. When it comes to handling returns and special charges or determining the right supplier for the right price, the item and vendor master data centralizes information in one place, making purchasing practices painless while regulating costs simultaneously.

right now.

and Analytics

The built-in Crystal Reports® within MWA FORZA revitalizes and transforms how reporting is done for SMEs in the imaging channel.

Complex and accurate financial reporting with real-time capabilities are synchronized with dashboards for up-to-the-minute visible business analytics to encourage smarter and faster decision making. Along with SAP Business One, FORZA has made it easier for smaller businesses to create and customize reports to fit the needs of the end-users.

Pertinent business information becomes more accessible, making reporting and analyzing more user-friendly and reduces the need to rely on IT.



Because of FORZA’s open-architecture design, the industry diminishes intricacies of intercompany transactions with multiple business subsidiaries.

Consolidation across financials for operating reports delivers transparency into the sales performance for each individual subsidiary. The streamlining solution entails multilevel financial mergence, concentrated warehouse inventory reports, branch balances reports, incorporated sales analysis reports and unposted transactions reports. With localizations programmed into the system, tax codes are accurate across every branch of your company, no matter the location of its residence.

By automating intercompany transactions, the result is a unified company across all business units running MWA FORZA by eliminating costly errors and increasing productivity.