FORZA Friday – Summer Meet & Greet (Pt 1)

by Jon Souders 0 Comments

For today’s intern spotlight we have Amy Figueroa! Amy is one of our SAP Business One Support Analyst interns that has started with MWA in late May of 2018. She is from Gaithersburg, Maryland which is a metropolitan city located just outside of Washington, D.C. Amy attends Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania where she is a rising senior majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in Communication and is also in the SAP Business One program that Saint Vincent offers. Amy is one of many students from the Saint Vincent College program to intern at MWA, and like many before her, hopes to pursue a career in the technology industry!

Amy has been very involved on campus at Saint Vincent. Within the last two years, she has taken the role of Fundraising Director for the Women in Business club and is now the Vice President of Women in Business. Fun fact: the Women in Business is the largest club on campus and her duties as Vice President are to organize community events as well as help manage club fairs, fundraisers, etc. Amy is also a club member of MadComm, which is a club geared towards the Media, Advertising, and Communication industry.

Being an East Coast native, Amy had never actually been to Arizona before her time here at MWA. Having only ever been to California, and nowhere else on the West Coast, she seems to be enjoying her time with the various activities that Arizona offers. Amy loves to hike and find new places, enjoys photography, and finding new music or podcasts. So far, she has hiked the highest points in her home-state of Maryland, such as the Allegheny Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. She has hiked a few trails in Arizona thus far, but hopes to do more adventurous things before she leaves for the summer!

Amy’s favorite thing to do in her spare time is explore her surroundings. Growing up with D.C. so close to her, she is used to wanting to explore every coffee shop and museum in the city. This is a habit that she has kept up even after going away to college, continuing to do the same thing in Pennsylvania, and now in Arizona. Amy’s exploring has allowed her to find some of her favorite coffee shops and restaurants of all time (way to go AZ)!

When asked about her future, Amy’s first response is that she really just wants to finish her degree. A reasonable response, albeit a generic one. She is excited to finish her degree so she can start working in the tech industry and work towards earning her SAP Business One certification as well as a project management certification.

So far, Amy has primarily been working alongside support, implementation, and quality assurance at MWA and is excited to learn new things as the summer goes on!