Five Reasons Why FORZA & SAP Business One Is Right For The Imaging Channel

by Jon Souders 0 Comments

Whether it be small, medium, or large enterprises, all business organizations are confronted with obstacles. Challenges easily handled by larger entities leave smaller organizations at a disadvantage due to a lack of resources and means to withstand some of the issues faced by businesses today. Therefore, it is exponentially crucial that your business has the appropriate infrastructure needed to sustain competitive advantages inherent to your success.

The imaging channel is comprised of vast technological advancements – from the evolution of typewriters and rotary phones to touchscreen copiers and online databases like the cloud – the industry has transformed into an immense commerce of valuable data analytics. However, in an industry highlighted by revolutionary products, there still seems to be an issue of antiquity.

“How so?” Well, the problem isn’t related to consumer products. Instead the issue is with inferior ERP business software. Dealerships within the imaging channel get flooded with massive amounts of data vital to their core businesses and these huge quantities cause information waste resulting in inefficiencies and costly errors to working operations. Having an unintegrated and disparate ERP system hinders dealers with limitations and barriers to prevent them from optimizing their organizations’ value.

In meeting the current needs and demands and anticipating those for the future, MWA Intelligence, Inc. has developed FORZA, built on to SAP Business One, as the only true ERP tailored for the imaging channel.

Here are five reasons as to why you should consider FORZA, built by the industry for the industry, in 2017:


As one of five OEMs worldwide, MWA has built FORZA on the SAP Business One platform. SAP’s best-selling Enterprise Resource Planning is also the global leader in business management software for SMEs. Having over 50,000 customers across the globe, SAP Business One is the #1 most installed ERP in the marketplace designed to meet the needs of evolving small and midsize businesses who are ready to progress and expand.

Designed to conquer modern business challenges, SAP Business One is the only ERP system that can capture all business information through a scalable platform that encompasses all business functionalities. Streamlining workflow processes from financial and accounting management, customer relationship and inventory management along with procurement and real-time reporting optimizes organizational transparency, giving dealers the ability to see everything for the first time.


Accompanied by organizational growth are the complex intricacies of intercompany transactions from various business subsidiaries.

MWA FORZA and SAP Business One provide integrated solutions that streamlines all financials for operating reports to illustrate the sales performance for each individual subsidiary. This consists of multilevel financial mergence, concentrated warehouse inventory reports, branch balance reports, incorporated sales analysis reports and unposted transaction reports. Localizations programmed into the system account for tax codes across every branch of a dealership, no matter the location of its residence, ensuring accurate billing.

Using a centralized ERP system that consolidates every critical piece of business information diminishes organizational complexities and prevents disparities that leads to inefficiencies and a costly decline in productivity. All business units running under one system results in the capacity to make smarter business decisions in the imaging channel.


With adaptability and flexibility as quintessential qualities to a company’s agile strategy, the decision on how to implement your ERP could make or break your bottom line. On-premise implementations have been the more traditional route in the imaging channel; however, businesses are learning to adapt to current trends of cloud computing for business agility.

Moving to the cloud means a multitude of benefits for dealerships. First, you evade the valuable time constraints of selecting, procuring, and installing hardware and software. Then you get to miss out on all the hidden costs associated with on-premise systems – customization, implementation, IT staffing, maintenance, upgrading hardware/software and training employees – in which most are ongoing expenses.

Instead, cloud based computing provides a seamless implementation that reduces organizational downtime and minimizes potential infrastructure issues at the expense of an ongoing subscription fee and the cost to implement, customize and train. Similarly to its implementation, the cloud deducts any problems that would be had with upgraded software issues due to hardware incompatibility.


A dealership’s success is only as strong as its relationship with its customers. Managing customer relations is vital for any organization that is sales oriented. SAP Business One has a built in CRM module that highlights every aspect from a customer lifecycle perspective. It also entails functionality to manage relations with suppliers and partners as well.

FORZA’s CRM integration offers an unprecedented functionality known as the “configurator” which empowers sales reps to complete their jobs more accurately and faster. This configurator contains a preset of all configurable items and their compatible parts ensuring precise sales to save time and money from improper orders.


As a premier SAP Business One OEM partner, MWA’s mission is to ensure the successful growth for the future of the imaging channel by offering FORZA, the only ERP built by the industry for the industry.

Having over 25 years of experience in serving the industry, MWA has established the reputation of innovation for developing and guiding new technologies, processes, and strategies to benefit the dealer channel and its new and expanding markets.

With FORZA and SAP Business One, MWA looks forward to transitioning comfortable businesses into exceptional businesses by removing limitations for dealerships to maximize their fullest potential and meeting their business needs today, tomorrow, and for the future.