Feature Series (Part 3): Maximize Your Organization with SAP Business One 9.2 in FORZA

by Jon Souders 0 Comments

SAP’s best-selling Enterprise Resource Planning is also the global leader in business management software for SMEs. Providing for over 65,000 customers worldwide, SAP Business One is the #1 most installed ERP in the marketplace built to meet the needs of evolving small and midsize businesses ready for transitional growth.

Already slated as the most preferred ERP solution, the SAP Business One user community will continue to see a dedicated effort in optimizing the product’s performance from the 3rd largest software company in the world, SAP.

The SAP Business One version 9.2 entails a total of 48 new functional enhancements and modifications that growing companies can use leverage modern business technology for smarter decision making. This feature series accentuates the best new enhancements in 9.2 with this third edition focusing on: Service, HR, and Project Management.


Within the Service module of SAP 9.2, users can now view Business Partner information from the Business Partner tab of the Service Call window. This enables service managers and dispatchers the ability to see necessary details for handling service calls and eliminating the need to navigate and search for information regarding the customers in their BP master data.

Another additional feature is the extended support of vendors in the Service Module. Prior to SAP Business One 9.2, the Service Module support was limited to just the customer side of things and track services that your company provides. Now, the module has been optimized to support the vendor side as well in order to track services that your company receives.



The Relationship Map feature has been added to the Human Resources module and can be initialized through the right-click context menu.

From this window, users are able to: 

  • View employee master data records, including embedded photos of employees
  • Visualize the manager and subordinates of each employee
  • Display teams and roles of company employees


Project Management

The Project Management feature lets you manage your projects more effectively from initiation to finalization. All project related transactions, documents, resources and activities can be centralized to efficiently monitor the project’s progress – from tasks, stages and phases to analyzing budget and costs.

This module also has report capabilities to capture various aspects of projects like stage analysis, open issues and resources.