Feature Series: Maximize Your Organization with SAP Business One 9.2 in FORZA

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SAP’s best-selling Enterprise Resource Planning is also the global leader in business management software for SMEs. Providing for over 65,000 customers worldwide, SAP Business One is the #1 most installed ERP in the marketplace built to meet the needs of evolving small and midsize businesses ready for transitional growth.

Already slated as the most preferred ERP solution, the SAP Business One user community will continue to see a dedicated effort in optimizing the product’s performance from the 3rd largest software company in the world, SAP.


The SAP Business One version 9.2 entails a total of 48 functional enhancements and modifications that growing companies can use to leverage modern business technology for smarter decision making. This feature series accentuates the best functionalities within 9.2, starting with: Administration, Financials, and Sales and Purchasing.


Within the Administration module is the new data ownership capability that has been extended to the business partner level. Restrictions can now be placed for limiting access to business partner master data and documents using business partners with owners. This feature adds another level of security and protection for critical company information.

Other functional enhancements include the ability to import price lists and business partner catalog numbers from Excel and force documents to go through an approval procedure upon update if the document was not originally created upon approval.


One of the biggest improvements for the solution’s financial capacity deals with fixed assets. To increase the efficiency of managing fixed assets, SAP Business One 9.2 has introduced the virtual asset concept that makes handling large quantities of identical fixed assets easier.

Accounting enhancements verified by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) include the activation of Shipped Goods Account, extensions of the G/L account levels up to 10 and the customization of renaming the Chart of Account drawers.

Sales and Purchasing

SAP Business One 9.2 now has the capability to provide users with the option of reopening purchase and sales orders when creating credit memos for A/P or A/R reserve invoices that are linked to corresponding orders.

Other features include the possibility of generating marketing documents on the A/R side through electronic document framework and the ability to define a freight amount with tax included to meet specific business requirements.

About MWA Intelligence, Inc. 

MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWA), an SAP Business One Gold Partner and one of five OEMs worldwide, provides innovative enterprise-class solutions for dealerships to sustain competitive advantages within the imaging channel. MWA FORZA, built on the SAP Business One platform, is a fully streamlined ERP solution centrally focused on delivering maximum efficiency and effectiveness in a vertical market. Having control over all functionality of every business process enables dealerships to have full transparency unparalleled in the marketplace while simultaneously managing vast amounts of data. Designed with open-architecture, organizations are allowed to freely seek out opportunistic growth without being hindered by inadequate solutions. MWA FORZA automates daily routine processes so dealerships can focus on making critical business decisions armed with smarter IT capabilities.

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