Congratulations To The Industry Leaders in 2017!

by Jon Souders 0 Comments

To the industry leaders of 2017,

Someone once said, “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”

From an industry-wide perspective, it is truly amazing to see how far the imaging channel has come. Within the past year alone, we have experienced new developments in technology and innovation that, thankfully, have no intention of ceasing whatsoever.  As the year comes to an exciting close, I would like to personally acknowledge and applaud each of you for your elite success, persistent dedication and unrivaled commitment to excellence that sets the standard for the rest of us to aspire and emulate.

As it stands, the imaging channel could not be in a better position to continue its growth and it all starts with you. In a dealer-driven community, so many things become essential for the industry’s success.

There must be a strong emphasis placed on instituting better business practices to combat modern challenges alongside the necessary infrastructure that accommodates the needs, demands, and opportunities for the marketplace. With the digital era rising to such prominence, organizations must be properly equipped to handle the changing tides and stay ahead of the curve. And of course, it becomes immensely important that those within the imaging channel create, flourish and promote beneficial relationships that not only profess a commitment to serving your best interests, but exercise it as well. Combining all of these factors results in a robust environment that positions dealerships to excel in leaps and bounds.

At MWA Intelligence, we could not be more excited to already have a hand in doing exactly that. Our organizational mission is to ensure the successful growth for the future of the imaging channel by offering FORZA, the only ERP built by the industry for the industry. The only way we can ensure this is through our dealer-first mindset. By serving the best interests of the imaging channel, we firmly believe that we empower dealers to maximize their potential which ultimately leads to solving channel problems and disbarring limitations; thus, making our vision a reality.

This past year brought an abundance of new, mutual business relationships and we are extremely proud of the ever-growing list of partners and clients that make our FORZA family so special and unique. As we continue to grow and improve, we would like to welcome all forward-thinkers, innovation adopters, and opportunity enthusiasts who share in the same ideology and values to join us in creating a bigger and better environment for all dealers.

On behalf of everyone here at MWA, I would like to acknowledge and congratulate each and every organization on a very impressive and bountiful year in 2017 and I fully expect that the endeavors and opportunities that await us in the coming year will continue to push this industry further than it could have ever imagined!


Michael T. Stramaglio