Bigger, Better, Biz.ONE

by Jon Souders 0 Comments

As I took in my first SAP Business One conference, this is what I had reflected upon…


Wouldn’t you agree that numbers have a certain fascination about them? There are numbers that are low and some that are high, or some that are average and some that absolutely jump off the page when you look at them.

Numbers are linked to either good or bad connotations dependent upon the circumstances that we fit them into and let’s not forget the power we perceive behind them as well. Numbers have influenced history by dictating winners and losers, describing our past, defining our present and developing a path for our future. Point being, numbers are more than just statistics, they are stories that captivate each and every one of us.

The art of business always has been and always will be a game of numbers. It’s just the true nature of how business is done – the bottom line reigning supreme over the rest; however, the only thing more important than identifying an effective margin strategy is identifying how it all comes together. Hopefully, we can start to see where this “numbers” discussion is headed. Yes, I’m referring to something we have all been taught conceptually when it comes to synergy. Surely, everyone has heard about the mathematical formula for organizational success – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – but what exactly does that mean?

Let me explain it to you… numerically.

3 – SAP is the 3rd largest software company in the world and that kind of stature just doesn’t happen overnight. 60,000 – SAP Business One has over 60,000 customers in 46 different countries that rely on the business solution to provide competitive advantages for their specific industries. Finally, 1 – SAP Business One is the #1 most installed ERP in the marketplace for SMBs.

But the numbers don’t stop there… how does 10% business growth, 73% cloud growth, 60% HANA growth and over 1,000 new customers every quarter sound? These are results of proven commitment and dedication from SAP in delivering to and supporting their end users by meeting the needs and demands of their marketplaces. Absolutely remarkable and this effect was very much on display throughout the three-day Biz.ONE conference that took place last week with over 70% of the agenda focused on end user experience!

The SAP Business One community, from SAP executives and partners all the way down to the end users, came together to create this electric atmosphere surrounded by experience. It’s one thing to have those from SAP get on stage and communicate the roadmap of future enhancements and developments, but also having current customers get on stage and share their stories of how SAP Business One transformed their business dreams into reality changes the game. When they shared their experiences, their hardships and accomplishments, that’s when the real engagement occurred. Their numbers told their own stories and the audience listened.

You may be thinking to yourself, where does synergy fit into all of this? Well, take our industry – the imaging channel and its vertical market – then analyze it from a maturation perspective. Newer technology leads to newer processes which then leads to further innovation. A dynamic industry can’t sustain itself without those willing to push it to where it has never been before. Progression is a collaborative effort where more is achieved by many than those who embark the journey alone; thus, the need for partnerships, not just in this industry but in any.

This is exactly where synergy fits, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When you have two organizations that share in the same passion, imagination and commitment for customer success, synergy happens.

In the end, synergy will dictate our industry as a winner, describe our illustrious past, define our growing present and develop our path for a prosperous future. While the imaging channel has been around for quite some time, its story is still being written and a new chapter has just begun.