A Toast To The Top In 2016!

by Jon Souders 0 Comments

Dear Elite Dealers of 2016,

A wise person once said, “Success does not lie in results but in efforts, being the best is not so important, doing the best is all that matters.”

Being able to achieve an elite status in such a longstanding industry is nothing short of impressive and I would personally like to recognize and commend you and your organization on your success. To reach an elite level in business takes time, effort, and determination. It entails fine-tuning processes and habits that leads to benchmarking the potential we can all strive to accomplish as you have demonstrated.

As everyone knows, success does not happen overnight. For the imaging channel, dealerships must have the right business practices instituted along with the proper infrastructure suitable to their needs. An organization must be agile in its ability to adapt as the current trends lean towards a digitalized business culture and have systems already emplaced for future needs and demands of consumers. Developing advantageous relationships for dealers and establishing a commitment to serve their communities are quintessential for creating a working environment that proliferates organizational success.

We at MWA Intelligence, Inc. share the same ideology of what it takes to be successful, to obtain an elite status, and to leave a positive imprint on those we encounter. We are dedicated to serving the same industry on the dealership level with our unparalleled ERP software, FORZA. Our goal is to provide the imaging channel with the only streamlined ERP system on the market, built by the industry for the industry, to break down barriers that limit and stunt organizational growth and success. FORZA is the developed ERP solution to the problems facing the channel today, tomorrow, and for the future.

As it pertains to fostering healthy business relationships, we could not be prouder of the partners and clients that make up our FORZA family. In efforts to promote a stronger channel, we firmly believe in interconnected associations where we can grow with each other instead of off each other, ensuring a bigger and better channel for all dealerships.

On behalf of everyone here at MWA, I would like to personally congratulate your organizations on a very successful and prosperous year in 2016 and I hope that we can continue to have a positive impact on the growth of the imaging community through driven inspiration, imagination and innovation!


Michael T. Stramaglio

President & CEO of MWA Intelligence, Inc.